‘Connect and Engage’ Channel Partners

with the world’s most advanced AI Powered eB2B solution. Expect guaranteed uplift in Monthly Unique SKU and Focus/Premium Product Distribution. Brands such as ITC, Coca-Cola, Mondelez Perfetti, and others have onboarded more than 1 million retailers through our platform. Explore the features and get in touch to understand what AI-powered eB2B can deliver for your organization.

Intelligent Interface

Intelligent search, Text and Voice based order with Multi-Channel Interface across WhatsApp, PWA and Mobile App

Intelligent Product Baskets

ML based hyper personalized, most relevant assortment to maximize

Intelligent Order Prediction

One-Click Order with ML based prediction of  ready order in every store visit

Intelligent Engagement

With real-time intelligent Nudges to drive right behavior

Intelligent Integrations & Plug-Ins

Quick Integration with SFA, DMS and third party Plug-Ins for IR, IM, Chat, Payment and Lending etc

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