Why Top Global CPG Companies choose SalesCode eB2B!

SalesCode eB2B Platform is the only full service eB2B SaaS Platform that guarantees Sales Up-lift.

Yes, our proprietary AI/ML engine is designed to guarantee a minimum  Sales Uplift  of 3% to 5%, with increase in Focus/Premium Product Distribution, Average Order Value and recovering daily Sales loss.

Intelligent Interface

Intelligent search, Text and Voice based order, Multi-Channel Interface across WhatsApp, PWA and Mobile App drives;

[30%+ Higher Adoption and Engagement] 

Intelligent Product Baskets

ML based Hyper Personalised Ready Baskets drives;

[Increase Focus/Premium Product Distribution by 5% to 18%]

Intelligent Order Prediction

One-Click Order, with ML based prediction of  Ready-Order drives;

[Increase Avg. Order Value by  8% to 12%]

Intelligent Engagement

AI/ML based Hyper Personalised Nudges drive; 

[30% to 50% higher Engagement and 3% to 5% higher Transactions ]

Intelligent Integrations & Plug-Ins

Quick Integration with SFA, DMS and third party Plug-Ins for IR, IM, Loyalty, Wallet, Payment, Lending and others to drive;

['Plug-In Anything' and 'Plug-Into Anything'] 

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