Global leadership team of Reckitt @SalesCodeExperienceCenter

It was a great pleasure for to host the global leadership team of Reckitt, leading SalesTransformation and eB2B.

On behalf of TeamSalesCode, we would like to thank Jon Begg (General Manager, Global eGrocery & Omnichannel Retailers), Partha Sarathi Sinha(Global Director – Channels),
Iara Rodrigues Montanari (Global Head of eB2B & Digital Tech Platforms) and IT team from India, for taking out time to visit SalesCodeExperienceCenter

We had an engaging session with immersive experience of future defining trends and solutions with AI and eB2B:

🚫 🚫 End of SFA – Why all the Sales technologies invented in the last 30 years will be reinvented in the next 3 years !!
🔄 🔄 The New Role of Sales Reps with AI and eB2B
🎦 🎦 Case Studies and Success Stories of top CPG companies using AI and eB2B
⏩ ⏩ Framework and Visualisation of NextGenSalesTeam and Trade with AI

Experience SalesCode “The New CODE of Sales Team and Trade with AI” >>>

NextGenSFA EndOfSFA SalesCodeExperience SFAI


Founded in 2014, is the world’s first intelligent RTM platform for CPG sales.

SalesCode’s Mission

To reinvent every sales and RTM process and automation, invented in the last 30 years, with AI and eB2B, for guaranteed sales uplift!!

SalesCode’s Scale

We work with 65+ top CPG brands, including industry leaders like Coca-Cola, ITC Limited, Mondelez International, MARS, Perfetti Van Melle, P&G, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, and numerous others. Our user base spans 2M+ users across 18+ countries, and we’ve successfully facilitated over 1 billion transactions on our platforms. Welcome to!

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Comprehensive 4-5 hours Workshop on the "New Role of People in Sales with Al and Digital RTM". Topics covered:

  • Al and eB2B Case Studies
  • Best Practices, Insights, and our learnings while working with top global CPG companies
  • Overview of next generation technologies in Sales & RTM

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