Are you still using an Order Collection app? Like the typical SFA Apps that just automate transactions??”

Most likely your answer is going to be a cautious yes. After all, that’s what has been the technology benchmark for SFA, even if you are among the top 10% companies who lead industry best practices. Unfortunately, enterprise apps in general and SFA apps, in particular, have been lagging years behind the latest technologies. Except for some incremental changes and differentiation, Sales Force Automation has been the same since last 6 to 8 years despite the biggest paradigm shift in technology in the same period. SFA is still all about automation of transactions and is far away from driving sales and revenue as a direct outcome, rather than derived benefit, which can’t be objectively qualified.

It is not going to be the same anymore. We are in exponential times. Technology is changing the world faster than ever before. Most of the widely used technologies will not exist after 5 years. Yet, most of the business in the world will be driven by technology. Next 5 years will witness the most disruptive changes in business, driven by Sales Technology.

“Sales Force Automation will be permanently disrupted by the new technologies. The new solution will be exponentially superior and will make a significant impact on driving sales and revenue rather than just automating transactions.”

Welcome to the Sale-Tech Revolution! We at ‘Applicate’ have created first of its kind Sales-Tech Platform – EXEED, powered by the latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. EXEED (Execution, Effectiveness, Engagement & Data Analytics) is the next gen Sales Automation platform, that will mark the transition from automation of transactions to driving Sales & Revenue at a highly compelling ROI.


AI for Sales


  1. From Field Team Tracking & Order Collection to Sales Team Execution and Engagement Platform.
  2. From automation of Transaction to Sales & Revenue driving Sales-Tech Platform.

AI Sales expert


Sales bot


Sales bot

Working with some of the top Indian and Global brands across Industries, we are integrating exponential technologies into our Sales-Tech Platform to co-create the future of Sales!!

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