Sales-Tech company Applicate has launched its ‘AI Innovation Centre’ in Gurgaon dedicated to the use of AI in Sales.

The purpose of this initiative is to use the exponential power of AI to solve all the challenges and inefficiencies in Sales that has not been addressed by any technology so far.

Applicate’s ‘AI Innovation Centre’ will also work towards helping industry and business leaders understand how AI will revolutionise Sales in the next 5 to 10 years.

More importantly, how they can prepare their organisations for an AI First world, with AI fundamentally changing the way we live, work and do business.

To help business leaders understand all about AI and its impact on business, ApplicateAI will organise FREE workshops to create awareness, experience and adoption of AI for business transformation.

  1. AI Literacy Workshop
  2. AI For Sales Workshop

These workshops to create industry awareness and adoption of AI, will be organised at Applicate’s Grugaon based ‘AI Innovation Centre’.

ApplicateAI is already leading the use of AI in Sales with it’s AI Platform for Sales ‘Sellinaand is working with more than 70 global leaders like Diageo, ITC, Bacradi, Essilor, Lafarge Holcim, Perfetti, Godfrey Philipps, Akzonoble (Dulux), Kelloggs, Whilrpool, Brtitannia and others with its Sales-Tech Platform.

‘Sellina’ is world’s first AI Sales Assistant that can Assist, Supervise and Train 1000s of Sales People and Channel Partners simultaneously to eliminate day to day Sales inefficiencies and drive your daily sales and execution”.


AI for Sales - Innovation Centre

AI for Sales Workshop

AI For Sales Workshop – Future of Sales @ AI


1. Workshop Format

  • Conducted by Sales and Technology Experts from Applicate.
  • Duration – 3 hrs.
  • Who should attend – Business Leaders, CEOs, CIOs, IT Heads, Sales Heads, Marketing Heads, Sales Automation Heads, Business/Sales Excellence Heads
  • Venue – The organisation signing-up for the AI Literacy Camp has to arrange for the venue and logistics. It can be organised in the company conference room or auditorium.
  • Min 8-10 participants, Maximum 15 Participants
  • Frequency and Time – Once in a month with the pre registered participants on assigned dates.


2. Workshop Content

  • Introduction – BOTs, Chatbots and AI
  • Why AI
  • How AI will have a real impact on Sales and Execution
  • How to Measure Organization Readiness for AI
  • How to measure Cost, Investment and ROI of AI initiatives


AI for Sales Workshop sign-up


Working on Future Of Sales @ ‘AI Innovation Centre’

The location and premises of ApplicateAI’s ‘AI Innovation Centre’ has been carefully planned to give an environment that inspires innovation and breathes creativity.

With a full glass facade, inspiration corners and break out zones, the AI Innovation Centre is a perfect place for the team to collaborate and work on the Future of Sales @ AI.


AI Innovation for Sales

ApplicateAI - AI Innovation for Sales


The Team on a Mission


The ApplicateAI team is working on a mission to create an intelligent machine that will “Empower Everyone In Sales With AI, To Sell More, Execute Better and Grow Faster”


AI for Sales Mission

Team working on Future of Sales

Team working on Future of Sales @ AI


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