Raymond won the most coveted ‘Mobility Solution of the Year Award’ in 6th Iflection Summit organised by Alden and NASSCOM Center of Excellence – Intelligence of Things !!

The most iconic and the largest brand in Textile & Lifestyle industry, Raymond is one of the first companies across industries, to have successfully executed this future defining technology at a scale, connecting its Retailers & Dealers for real time transaction and engagement.

The project has been done in partnership with the leading Sales-Tech start-up Applicate. Applicate has created the first and the only AI Powered Sales-Tech platform with ready to deploy cloud based products for sales team and channel partners.

Applicate’s SaaS based AI Powered Platform Channel KART, specially designed for connecting with Retailers and Dealers is the only full service platform developed as B2B Platform for large organisations.

The platform gets seamlessly integrated with the ERP/DMS of an organisation and has flexibility to incorporate custom work-flows for large enterprise as a part of the Hybrid SaaS model.

“The Midas Project (Raymond’s internal name for the project) is one of the most successful case studies in execution of a future defining technology at a scale. We are proud of our association with Raymond” – Ranjeet Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Applicate

To know more, you may read the Q & A session with the man who envisioned the project and believed in creating this Industry first, Future defining tech initiative to transform the most traditional industry.



Retailer App - Raymond



Why Most of the Market Leaders are adopting Channel KART !!


  1. Biggest competitive advantage and driver of growth in the next 3-4 years.
  2. Specially designed for large enterprise with complete control on data, security and custom work-flows.
  3. Channel KART is the only full service B2B e-commerce planform with hybrid SaaS architecture.
  4. Channel KART is the only AI Powered platform with a dedicated AI Assistant to each channel partner for maximising their ROI and business.
  5. LIVE since more than 3 years with biggest global and Indian brands across industries and markets in rural and urban.


Ready to Deploy Retailer App – Channel KART

Applicate has created first of its kind B2B platform Channel KART’ specially designed for digital transaction and engagement with the Channel Partners. Channel KART is a ready to deploy cloud-based platform, which is customised for different companies as per their requirements.

Channel KART is the only Retailer/Dealer App for Real-time Sales Order, Latest Update on New Products, Promotions & Catalogue, Visibility of Price, Schemes, Claims, and escalation of unresolved issues.

Some of the unique  features of our AI Powered Dealer/Retailer Loyalty, Engagement & Transaction Platform are;

  1. Super Intuitive Interface – easy to use without any training, visually powerful, Digital Catalogue and Banners.
  2. Dashboard for tracking loyalty points and redemptions.
  3. Smart Triggers for nudging the retailers/dealers to achieve targets and earn more.
  4. Direct Benefit Transfer – Thru Paytm, Digital Wallet, Loyalty Points, Cash-back etc.
  5. Contests, Quires and Trivia to enhance engagement.
  6. Digital Claims, Credit notes and Replacement.
  7. Escalation of unresolved issues.
  8. Latest Update on Price, New Products, Promotions & Catalogue.
  9. 24×4 Dedicated AI Assistant for each Retailer/Dealer to help them with the all the queries and support thru chat and voice conversation.

How Retailer Loyalty App works

How Retailer App works

The first and the only AI Powered Retailer App

As the technology paradigm is changing from Mobile First to ‘AI First’, Applicate has been investing heavily on AI. With an eye on the future, Applicate is the first and the only company with AI Powered Sales-Tech Platform.

Applicate has created first of its kind AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ that can engage with million of retailer and channel partners simultaneously for sales order, training and day to assistance with information, data and content.

Channel KART is powered with AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, ‘Sellina’ can simultaneously assist, and train millions of channel partners across the geographies and channels. It can even take customer orders in the absence of Sales Reps.


Channel Partner Loyalty App


You may watch our Customer Success Stories >>.

To know more about Applicate and Channel KRAT, you may write at aayush@applicate.in.


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