Most of the Global and Indian companies that lead technology and industry best practices are connecting with their Dealers, Retailers and Channel Partners as one of the most critical initiatives of their Sales-Tech strategy.

India’s one of the biggest CPG companies (Top 3) has partnered with Applicate for its SaaS based AI Powered Platform ‘Channel KART’, specially designed for driving daily execution, sales and market share with real-time engagement and transaction.

Based on the learning of an extensive PILOT for more than a 18 months, the platform is enriched with features focussed on engaging with top outlets to drive Sales, Range Availability, Visibility, Market Share and Loyalty

Importance of Top Outlets


Applicate with its AI Powered Sales-Tech Platform works with 7 of the top 10 CPG companies in India and more than 55  large global enterprise 11 of them being world’s biggest companies in the respective industries.

“Based on our research and understating of the CPG retail universe, for most of the large companies, top 8% to 10% the directly serviced outlets contribute to more than 50% of of the total sales”.


Top 160k Outlets contribute to 55%+ of total sales for most of the top CPG Companies !!



Connecting with Top OutletsChannel Loyalty App


How to Maximise Sales in the Top Outlets?


As per our research and industry expertise, for any company to command higher sales and market share in the top outlets there are 3 most important factors, apart form consumer demand.

  1. Range Availability and Visibility for higher consumer off-take.
  2. Quality of Service – Timely Delivery, Scheme Settlements & Resolution of Issues.
  3. Discount and Profitability – Higher trade margins and discounts based on targets, purchase slabs and visibility.


“While most of the companies have a strategy to execute better in these outlets by addressing most of these factors in their own ways, no company has been able to establish a real-time connect with top outlets with clear visibility of the execution of their programs and engagement & participation of the retailers to command their long term loyalty”.



Solution : AI Powered Customer Loyalty App for Channel Partner Connect & Engagement !!


Retailer Loyalty App



Connecting Top Outlets for Real-time Engagement & Transaction !


Channel Partner Loyalty App


Some of the unique  features of our AI Powered Customer Loyalty Platform are;


  1. Super Intuitive Interface – easy to use without any training, visually powerful, Digital Catalogue and Banners.
  2. Dashboard for tracking loyalty points and redemptions.
  3. Smart Triggers for nudging the retailers/dealers to achieve targets and earn more.
  4. Direct Benefit Transfer – Thru Paytm, Digital Wallet, Loyalty Points, Cash-back etc.
  5. Contests, Quizzes and Trivia to enhance engagement.
  6. Digital Claims, Credit notes and Replacement.
  7. Escalation of unresolved issues.
  8. Latest Update on Price, New Products, Promotions & Catalogue.
  9. 24×4 Dedicated AI Assistant for each Retailer/Dealer to help them with the all the queries and support thru chat and voice conversation.


A Customer Loyalty App, Specially Designed for Enhanced Engagement to drive Loyalty !


customer loyalty app

..and Real-time Transaction !!


How Retailer App works


With a dedicated 24×7 ‘AI Sales Assistant’ for each Channel Partner


AI Powered Customer Loyalty App

All of this without the need of App Download – NO APP DOWNLOAD NEEDED !!


For details you may write to us on or click the link below.



Live Demo of Customer Loyalty App

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