Are you ready for the Future of Sales? “In the next 3-5 years, Retailers and Dealers of consumer goods companies will do most of their transaction and engagement thru Mobile Apps. In this paradigm shift, Market leadership of traditional companies will be challenged by the companies adopting and leading traditional businesses with the exponential power of new age technologies”


Welcome to the Sales-Tech Revolution. Power your sales with Channel KART!! Connect your Retailers, Dealers, Distributors and all such Channel Partners for real-time Transaction & Engagement.

A part of our unique Sales-Tech platform, Channel KART has all you need.

  1. Order Placement – Easy to use and intuitive order screens with our proprietary key pad for convenient order placement.
  2. Smart Buy – Smart Filters to see the order relevant products based on user purchase intent.
  3. Intuitive Display – For Order Upsize and Transaction driving categories like Best sellers, New Products, Best Deals, On Demand section etc.
  4. Multi Supplier Module – The orders can be automatically directed to the authorized suppliers of the company in case of multiple suppliers based on pin code or area mapping. The suppliers will have a complete visibility of the order and fulfilment for his area.
  5. Order Tracking – Order details, Confirmation, Dispatch, Delivery etc.
  6. Discount Module – Various combination of discounts based on purchase value, quantity, free products etc.
  7. Wallette – A Close System Wallette (custom Wallette for the company) for discounts to be passed on as cashback which can be used for future transactions.
  8. Integration capability with preferred payment gateway
  9. Notifications – Real-time notifications for promotions or any communication with photo, audio, video, file etc.
  10. Help Desk – For escalation of any unresolved issues and for tracking the response form the company



Retailers & Dealers are the last-mile connect in driving the growth of a company. But, the last-mile has been the most disconnected since decades. It still takes years to reach and weeks to communicate, with multiple layers of physical interaction in between. Time has come, technology will permanently destroy this age old barrier between a company and it’s most critical partner of growth, the Retailers/Dealers. It is the time to connect the last-mile first ! Welcome to the Sales-Tech Revolution !! Power your Sales with Channel Kart !! Connect your Retailers, Dealers and all such Channel Partners for real-time Transaction & Engagement.

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