As the technology paradigm is changing from Mobile First to ‘AI First’, most of the companies that lead industry best practices and technology are upgrading their Sales-Tech platforms with the ‘Future Ready’ products.

Perfetti Van Melle, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gums (Center Fresh, Alpenliebe, Mentos, Happydent, Chlor-mint) has partnered with Applicate.

Applicate’s integrated Sales-Tech platform has ready to deploy next gen apps for GT, MT, DMS, Retailers, and Rural Distribution.

Applicate is already working with many top Global and Indian brands like Kellogg’s, Britannia, ITC, Whirlpool, Dulux, Grohe, American Standard, Essilor, Organic India, Peter England, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Hero cycles, Relaxo, Arrow, U.S. Polo, Hanes, and others.

ApplicateAI : First SFA Platform Powered with AI

As the technology paradigm is getting redefined with AI, Applicate is the first company to create an SFA platform powered with AI.

The AI powered SFA platform ‘ApplicateAI’ created by Applicate does all the logical and repeatable tasks in Sales, Marketing and after sales support with ‘AI Sales BOT’ and [brand] BOT.
‘ApplicateAI’ is built with a vision of creating an intelligent machine that will reduce human inefficiencies in Sales. It would empower teams to increase their productivity and sales in ways never thought of before.

‘ApplicateAI’ gives a completely new dimension to the Sales Force Automation. It focuses on making the automation intelligent enough to drive revenue and increase sales rather than just automating transactions.

The best part of ‘ApplicacteAI’ is that it can get integrated with any database or any existing sales force automation system used by a company. This would power your existing automation system with AI without discarding your investment made on automation over the years.

The first AI Sales Assistant

To empower the sales team with next gen technologies, Applicate has created the first AI Sales Assistant, and named it ‘Sellina’.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, ‘Sellina’ can simultaneously assist, supervise and train 1000’s of sales people and channel partners across the organization. It can even take customer orders in the absence of Sales Reps.

‘Sellina’ is an AI Sales BOT  that can simultaneously assist and supervise 1000’s of people in sales as per their role to drive day to day business and execution. ‘Sellina’ can drive 5 to 10% higher sales, increase line availability, significantly improve new product billing and even take orders from retailers in the absence of sales-reps.

How does this AI Sales Assistant work?

Without revealing too many details about the product at this stage, I can say that it is an intelligent and self-learning machine, trained to do all the logical and repeatable tasks in sales.

It consumes data, information, and content from your existing Sales Force Automation data, ERP, CRM or HRMS and converts it into actions, insights, and conversations.

AI for Sales : Future or Now?

Well, if you are already not working on using AI for your business challenges, you could be left behind in the future.

World’s leading IT research company, Gartner predicts – By 2018, more than 3 Million workers globally will be supervised by a “Roboboss”.  More interestingly, Gartner also predicts that “By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with BOTs than with their spouse”.

If your organization is using any Sales Force Automation app, you must power your SFA with AI to drive min 8 to 10% higher sales. It can do all the logical and repeatable tasks to drive your day to day sales and execution.

And if you are not using any Sales Force Automation app yet and are considering one, you can’t afford to ignore the first AI powered Sales-Tech Platform ‘ApplicateAI’.

Welcome to the ‘Future of Sales’. 

Iron Man has ‘JARVIS’ at his command to do all the magical things, making him a Super Hero. You can have the world’s first AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ at your service to make your sales team ‘Super Sales Heroes’.

You can write to me at for details and live demo of AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’.

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