If you are a Business Leader keen to explore how to use AI to drive your Sales, welcome to the Special Address on AI in ET Sales Strategy Summit – ‘AI Sales Assistant and the Future of Sales’ !!

The special session on AI for Sales was presented by Ranjeet Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder of Applicate. The high impact session on AI covered the following along with LIVE case studies and demonstrations.

  1. Future of Sales @ AI : How AI is redefining the Future of Sales !!
  2. AI Sales BOT can Supervise, Assist and Train 1000s of Salespeople and Channel Partners, simultaneously.
  3. How to use AI with existing Sales Force Automation to increase Sales.

The Economics Times Sales and Strategy Summit – 4th Edition  was attended by some of the most successful sales leaders across the region, bringing innovation and collaboration across all industries to achieve increased revenue growth.


AI For Sales
ET Sales Summit – AI for Sales

ET Sales Strategy Panel Discussion – Future of Sales @ AI



How a Dedicated, 24×7,  AI Sales Assistant can Transform Sales!

future of Sales @ AI

How an AI Sales Assistant Works?

Here is a quick introduction on how it works.

Hi, I am ‘Sellina’, the first AI Sales Assistant. Just like your ‘Siri’ for Sales 🙂

Trained on Sales and powered with Artificial Intelligence, I consume data and content from your ERP/ SFA/CRM/DMS and interact with 1000s of Salespeople and Channel Partners simultaneously.

Ask for anything and you get it. Simple !!

Like..any report or insight;

User: Show me my performance update.
Sellina : Here you go. (Charts and trends on key metrics)

Or ..a very specific data;

User : What’s my brand X sales in channel A, Feb Wk2 vs Feb Wk 3
Sellina : Here is what you asked for. (Real time data, charts and trends)

Or…any content, video, ppt or image etc; 

User : Tell me how to sell this new product x
Sellina : Sure. This training video might of help. (Videos, presentations, tutorials, on-line Training, tests and quizzes)

I can assist you with any data or content in real-time. I can even take customer orders in the absence of Sales Reps.

 can simultaneously AssistSupervise and Train 1000s of sales people and channel partners across the Organization.

You can watch this Explainer Video to know more about me. Or you can Chat with Me to understand how I do all this !!



How AI Sales BOT Works
How AI Sales Assistant works

How Sellina drives sales



How AI Sales Assistant works


ApplicateAI’ is an integrated AI BOT platform for Enterprise with defined and curated work-flows for Sales, Consumer Engagement and Employee support and engagement.

Applicate is already working with most of the top Global and Indian brands like Kelloggs, Britannia, ITC, Perfetti, GPI, Nerolac, Dulux, Whirlpool, Cryzal and others.

The AI innovation of Applicate has been AWARDED as the ‘Best Enterprise AI Assistant’ by CIO CHOICE based on the voting of leading CIOs.

Pl. find below a quick introduction of our AI platform.

  1. Sales BOT – AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ for Sales Team and Channel Partners. Watch explainer video to know more.
  2. HR BOT – Employee AI Assistant ‘Moon’ assists employees w.r.t updates, data, information, policies, compliance, product knowledge, skill gap identification, training inputs, and engagement etc
  3. [brand] BOT – Customized BOT with the ‘persona of a brand’ is the biggest innovation for maximizing the impact of any of consumer engagement and support.
Audited by KMPG and organized by CORE Media, more than 70 CIOs, CEOs and Business Heads of the top global and Indian companies VOTED Applicate’s AI innovation as the best solution in the ‘Enterprise AI Assistant’ category.
ai sales assistant
Applicate Wins CIO Choice Award.

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