This is an exclusive initiative by ApplicateAI for few select companies ‘only by invite’.


We will demonstrate the power of AI on few measurable KPIs and take up the challenge of increasing your Sales by min 10%.

We will do this in Five Simple Steps;

  1. Selection of mutually agreed ‘comparison group’ and ‘control group’ (5-10 sales people in each group).
  2. Target 10% higher revenue growth in the ‘comparison group’ selected for AI intervention.
  3. The ‘comparison group’ is powered with AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’, no intervention to the ‘control group’.
  4. Result is compared after 4 weeks.
  5. If the impact is not demonstrated, 110% of the cost will be refunded !! Yes, 110%. We will pay a penalty if we don’t deliver.



AI Impact Challenge for Sales

AI impact on sales


Power your SFA with AI

AI Impact Challenge


To know how AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ works and what all can it do to drive day to sales, you may watch this Explainer Video.





ApplicateAI’ is an integrated AI BOT platform for Enterprise with defined and curated work-flows for Sales, Consumer Engagement and Employee support and engagement.

The AI innovation of Applicate has beenAWARDEDas the ‘Best Enterprise AI Assistant’ by CIO CHOICE based on the voting of leading CIOs.

Pl. find below a quick introduction of our AI platform.

  1. Sales BOTAI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ for Sales Team and Channel Partners. Watch explainer video to know more.
  2. HR BOT – Employee AI Assistant ‘Moon’ assists employees w.r.t updates, data, information, policies, compliance, product knowledge, skill gap identification, training inputs, and engagement etc
  3. [brand] BOT – Customized BOT with the ‘persona of a brand’ is the biggest innovation for maximizing the impact of any of consumer engagement and support.
Audited by KMPG and organized by CORE Media, more than 70 CIOs, CEOs and Business Heads of the top global and Indian companies VOTED Applicate’s AI innovation as the best solution in the ‘Enterprise AI Assistant’ category.


ai sales assistant
Applicate Wins CIO Choice Award.


AI Impact Challenge

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