Sales Uplift Guaranteed

with the world’s 1st Intelligent RTM Platform – with AI for SFA and eB2B solutions – designed by sales experts, specifically for CPG companies. 

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Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

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65+Global Brands

Redefining CPG RTM is the world’s first ‘Intelligent RTM Platform’ that Augments the intelligence of Sales Teams with AI, and seamlessly Connects Channel Partners.

Business Impact Guaranteed

with AI for SFA and eB2B for CPG Sales

35%Reduction in Cost-to-Serve
18%Increase in Distribution
5%Reduction in Daily Sales Loss
3%Minimum Sales Uplift

Future Ready Solutions

AI for SFA

Impacts SKILL & WILL of every Sales Rep

With guaranteed Sales Up-lift and Focus/Premium Product Distribution Increase. Makes your current SFA Super Intelligent.

  • 1Intelligent TARGETHyper personalized Execution TASK for every store
    [IMPACT: 3% to 5% Sales Up-lift]
  • 2Intelligent INCENTIVEFor every TASK to drive the right Action with instant gratification
    [IMPACT: 2% to 5% Sales Up-lift]
  • 3Sales UP-LIFT [Guaranteed 5% – 18% sales up-lift]
    for each store.

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    AI Powered eB2B platform for your Retailers and Wholesalers

    With guaranteed Up-lift in Monthly Unique SKU, and Focus/Premium Product Distribution Increase.

    • 1Intelligent INTERFACEIntelligent search, Text and Voice based order with Multi-Channel Interface across WhatsApp, PWA and Mobile App.
    • 2Intelligent Product BasketsML-based hyper-personalized, most relevant assortment to maximize profit.
    • 3Intelligent Order PredictionOne-Click Order with ML-based prediction of ready order in every visit.

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    ‘Plug-In’ Anything, ‘Plug-Into’ Anything


    CPG Leaders Trust

    We Partnered with Applicate for our Key SFA project ‘Rural Sales Automation’. The project has already been successfully implemented. Now, We have started working on adding AI capabilities in our Sales Automation with Applicate’s AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’. The AI Sales Assistant ‘Sellina’ is unique in Tackling most of the inherent challenges related to driving sales and execution.

    Basant Kr Chaturvedi

    Associate Director – Information and Communication Technology Perfetti

    A strong solution for Team Effectiveness and Productivity is a crying need in today’s cut-throat environment. Organizations are investing in Sales Force Automation, but this platform takes it to the next level. It demonstrates the transition from just automation to on-ground effectiveness in the most simple and elegant way. The ease of use and access makes it a must-have product for any ambitious Sales Organization.

    Vishal Chaddha

    Head Media Marketing – HT Media Ltd

    When we saw ‘Store CONNECT’ for the first time, l was amazed to see that it addressed almost all the issue that we were struggling with. It appeared as if we made a wish list of improving our Store level Execution and someone made it happen without asking for it. Actually, the domain knowledge and expertise which Applicate brings to the table, differentiates them from any other company in this field.

    Veenesh Priyadarshi

    Associate Director – Modern Trade And Alternative Channels, India & South Asia

    Applicate is the leading provider of sales automation solution with state of art technology. The product features and the technology roadmap which has been planned is significantly superior to any alternate product available in the market. Applicate is already using Artificial Intelligence in their solution, which can further enhance productivity of the sales team of Raymond.

    Sudhanshu Pokhriyal

    President Textiles -Raymond




    Seamless Integration
    with existing systems

    Our AI for SFA and eB2B solutions can integrate with your existing SFA/DMS//ERP and other data sources to ensure smooth flow of order details into your backend systems.

    This also ensures auto-updates to prices, schemes, and promotions, reflecting all the changes made in your core data sources.

    Your Data is Safe with Us




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    CPG Leadership Workshops

    CPG Leaders Trust


    Coke Buddy Roll-Out for Coca-Cola Malaysia

    HCCB Coca-Cola Leadership Workshop

    Swire Coca-Cola Leadership Workshop

    Mondelez Leadership Workshop

    ITC's experience with - the world's best eB2B SaaS platform

    ITC’s plan to connect 1M+ retail partners with Salescode eB2B platform.