Customer Centricity and ‘Sales Day’ at

Steve Jobs famously said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” This quote almost perfectly articulates the culture of customer-centricity we follow at

We are obsessed with what our users want and how can we provide value in each interaction, in the fast-changing world of FMCG. This can only be made possible if our teams including the top management are directly connected to the market realities.

To ensure this, we follow this protocol:

Minimum one visit to the market in a month. This is applicable for 

  1. Everyone in our business team including sales, marketing and projects.
  2. Senior members of the tech team. 
  3. New joiners as this is a critical part of our onboarding process.

We conduct these visits in two formats:

  1. Independent visits to the retailers/wholesalers/distributors of leading FMCG products. 
  2. Joint visits with sales reps to observe and deeply understand the way they interact with the retailers and how helps them achieve their sales goals.

Here are a few images from our recent market visits:

Apart from improving our current products, we have been able to roll out new features and products based on the direct feedback we received from sales reps and retailers.  

For example: 

  • We observed that more than 80% of sales reps rely on product search to take orders. To make the process more efficient, we introduced predictive search, voice search and category tabs in our AI for SFA app that made the process faster and more intuitive than plain search.  
  • Another observation was that retailers continuously need lines of credit to expand their business and unfortunately they have to struggle through tedious processes to obtain funds. Now, we collaborate with multiple banking and fintech partners such as SBI and Finagg to offer quick access to working capital loans to retailers directly via our AI powered eB2B app.

Such features have been well received and inspire us, even more, to innovate and deliver a ‘WOW’ experience every time our users interact with our products.

Welcome to : The ‘CODE’ of CPG sales.

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